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Since we started to manufacture polyester webbing in 1994, SHANDONG SLING & STRAP CO., LTD (3S) has developed and become an industry leader in China in the professional manufacturing of lifting slings, ratchet tie-down straps, and tow straps. We specialize in manufacturing webbing for web sling and ratchet straps, webbing slings, round slings, tie-down straps, tow straps, bolt straps, cargo nets, and multi legs soft webbing sling made in China.

We built 27,000 square meters of modern standard workshop on our purchased land. The workshop includes 7000 square meters of weaving area, 2000 square meters of dyeing area, and 8000 square meters of sewing area. We planned for nearly 80 shuttleless loom machines, more than ten heavy continuous dyeing machines, and more than 200 sewing machines. Monthly output is more than 1000 tons of webbing and corresponding finished products.

All our products comply with strict CE and GS quality standards of TUV, IS09001 quality management system requirements of SGS, or customized requirements from our clients. The breaking strength of all webbing, webbing slings, ratchet straps, etc., is 3% more than according to the standard. The elongation rate is less than 7%. Moreover, all our products must pass at least three times of tension tests and sampling quality checks before shipment.

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Why Choose Us?
  • High Quality

    30 years manufacturing experience ensure high quality.

  • Competitive Price

    Low cost and efficient management due to the competitive price.

  • Fast Delivery

    Nearly 400 sets of advanced machines meet fast delivery.


Our Products Advantages Are Yours Bussiness Advantages

28+ years

manufacturing experience

1000+ tons

webbing per month

300+ sets

advanced machines

27000 m2

modern standard factory

> 3 times

testing before delivery

> 5%

standard breaking strength

< 7%


< 2 days

free sample are available

manufacturing process

Specialize In Manufacturing Slings And Straps With Smart Process techniques


The Certification of authority Is not Only The Guarantee Of Slings And Strap Quality But Also The Verification Of Manufacturing Capacity


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Welcome to the Shandong Sling & Strap Co., Ltd!

Are you searching for a supplier of lifting slings, based in China? You are at the right place; we have years of experience as a renowned web sling manufacturer. You can get your desired products reasonably for all your commercial and industrial needs. 

Why Choose Us as Your Web Sling Supplier?

Our company offers top-notch web sling wholesale, including Endless Nylon Slings, Wide body cargo slings, Choker Hardware slings, polyester web and nylon sling, Web Lifting Slings, synthetic web sling, Webbing Belt and sling, and many other Wholesale Lifting Strap Products to businesses across various industries. Our commitment helps customers recognize us as a trusted web sling manufacturer.

To your satisfaction, we use cutting-edge webbing sling manufacturing technology and premium quality materials to maintain high-quality standards. You are the priority in business.

We have been the leading web sling supplier based in China for years. Because we always ensure on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and unwavering commitment to quality for customer satisfaction.

Your Leading China Web Sling Manufacturer

Get Your Customized Wholesale Lifting Slings

You can get custom-designed lifting slings, to meet businesses' specific needs and requirements across various industries.

Offering You High-Quality Wholesale Webbing Slings

Providing you with synthetic web slings with many benefits, makes them an exceptional choice for industrial applications. Consider the following advantages: 

Exceptional Strength & Durability

Buy Web Lifting Slings with remarkable strength and durability, enabling them to thrive in rigorous and challenging environments.

High Resistance to Wear

You can get web sling wholesale that are highly resistant to wear and corrosion, ensuring their longevity and continued performance over time.

Remarkable Load Bearing Capacity 

We manufacture wholesale lifting slings capable of bearing high loads without losing their structural integrity, making them an excellent choice for heavy-loads applications. 

Fast Product Delivery

We guarantee prompt delivery to customers worldwide. We understand that timely delivery is an obligation for every web sling supplier. Hence, we employ advanced technology to streamline and expedite our manufacturing process.

Unmatched Customer Support

Our commitment to exceptional customer service extends to product selection and prompt delivery. We aim to assist our clients in every possible way.

Cutting-Edge Technology 

Our Web Lifting Slings are manufactured using the latest technology, keeping our products at the forefront of the industry.

Competitive Pricing 

We recognize how crucial it is for businesses to discover affordable options that cater to their requirements. Hence, we provide a range of lifting slings that are competitively priced to suit your budget.  

Our Wholesale Lifting Sling is a Great Choice for Industrial Applications

In industrial and engineering applications, selecting the right components is crucial for ensuring performance, efficiency, and longevity. Our web sling wholesale have become popular in many industries, including electrical, hardware, cargo, mechanical, automotive, etc. Due to their exceptional properties, our alumina ceramic components stand out for their superior strength, durability, and load bearing capacity.