How Can We Help You As Round Lifting Sling Manufacturer?

Shandong Slings & Strap Co Ltd is China Good Quality Polyester Round Lifting Sling Supplier & manufacturer. Buy low priced polyester endless round slings. Our slings meet an EN & ASTM standards. As a trusted round sling manufacturer & supplier, we make it sure that our slings are durable, lightweight, and safe to use, with the ability to lift loads of various shapes and sizes. The slings are also abrasion-resistant and easy to maintain, making them an ideal choice for wholesale businesses. Shandong Slings & Strap Co Ltd offers customized slings to meet specific requirements and ensure customer satisfaction.

About Polyester RoundSlings

Polyester roundslings are an excellent tool for lifting heavy loads. They are made of a continuous loop of polyester yarn, providing a soft and supple sling body that prevents the sling from locking to the load or binding at the point of choke. Polyester round slings can be color coded for easy identification and are equipped with a tuff tag that specifies the rated capacity of the sling.

The body of the polyester round sling is double-walled, providing extra protection and durability. The outer cover can be made of polyester covers that are four times more abrasion-resistant than normal covers. This additional protection enhances sling life, allowing the polyester round sling to be used repeatedly without compromising its strength.

Polyester roundslings can be used in either an endless or eye and eye configuration. The endless configuration provides greater versatility as the connection and load contact points can be rotated, enhancing the sling service life.

When using polyester round slings, it is important to note the work load limit specified on the tuff tag. Exceeding this limit can result in damage to the sling or even failure, leading to serious injury or property damage.

For those looking for an alternative to polyester roundslings, synthetic rope slings made of aramid fibers can also be used. These slings are adjustable and can be made of different materials depending on the application. Wire rope can also be used for heavier loads, but it is important to note the limitations of each type of sling and select the appropriate one for the job at hand.

What Made Us The Most Favorite Round Lifting Sling Supplier?

Shandong Slings & strap Co Ltd is well-known for producing premium quality round lifting slings. Our company makes efforts to use the latest machinery and technology and hires a competent workforce and expert team to produce high-quality round lifting slings. After starting our operations, we realized the value of quality in the highly competitive market for slings. Thus, we devised quality standards that our international quality control unit helps us meet by working with quality controllers from around the globe. We sell our round lifting slings by charging the lowest price in the very competitive wholesale market for lifting slings.

How Our Lifting Slings Are Beneficial For Your Wholesale Business?

As your reputable round lifting sling manufacturer, we make our lifting slings very durable to ensure that they do not break regardless of the weight of the loads they lift. As one of the well-known lifting sling makers, we have made our round slings lightweight. Thus, you can rapidly deliver them to your customers without paying high delivery costs. As a reputed manufactrer of lifting sling, we have equipped our round slings with the ability to be installed to let your customers easily install them on different hooks of various machines.

We produce our lifting slings in different colors to let you buy them in bulk according to the color requirements of your customers. As a top-graded supplier of lifting sling, we manufacture our round slings in different sizes to allow you to bulk purchase them in whichever sizes you need as per the requirements and needs of your customers. We have made our lifting slings safe to use. Thus, people will not be hurt when their lifting equipment operators use them to lift different heavy products such as television, refrigerators, and other weighty products.

We are a round lifting sling exporter who produces abrasion-resistant lifting slings to ensure that abrasion does not damage them. As one of the top-notch suppliers and manufacturers of lifting slings, we have equipped our round slings with the ability to lift loads of various shapes to enable your customers to lift loads of every shape with them. Our lifting slings are simple to maintain. Thus, your customers will face no problems in maintaining them. As a well-known round lifting sling manufacturer, we have made easily washable round lifting slings to let your customers simply wash them. 

Lead the Competitive Market with Our Polyester Round Slings

As one of the top-graded makers of slings, we can customize our round lifting slings according to your specific requirements such as the weight, shape and size of the loads to be lifted with them. We are a professional round lifting sling exporter who has equipped lifting slings with the ability to be not torn even after lifting very sharp-edged objects.

Thus, your customers will never complain about the damaging of our lifting slings even after lifting sharp loads with them. As one of the reputable makers of lifting slings, we have equipped our round slings with the ability to be attached to all kinds of cranes and lifts to let your customers employ them in conjunction with these lifting machines to lift the loads they want to lift. Our round slings have a long service life. Thus, they will keep meeting the needs of your customers for a long time. As a well-known round lifting sling supplier, we have made our lifting slings resist all types of damage. Thus, you will never receive complaints from your customers regarding them getting damaged.