Your Certified Flat Lifting Sling Manufacturer 

Buy your Good Quality, low priced. EN & ASTM standard, high capacity flat polyester lifting slings from leading flat lifting sling manufacturer from China. Heavy objects like pipes and machines need flat lifting slings of Shandong Sling & Strap Co., Ltd. (3S). This is how machines can control the tonnage of weight with better stability. Our flat slings can manage to balance the weight better than others. To make it better, we use prime levels of polyester and nylon. Our Polyester and Nylon Web Slings are lightweight, flexible and have wider bearing surfaces to prevent damage to the load. Polyester and nylon endless slings allow the user to rotate the sling connection and load contact points. This also helps them hold the strings together against high-tension objects. Many industries can use these flat slings to displace tons of weight within the premises. Even trucks need them to hold heavy objects on the truck’s bed while transporting.

Opportunity to Buy Discounted Flat Lifting Slings   

Shandong Sling & Strap Co., Ltd., as reputable supplier of flat lifting sling offers the most complete line of specialty slings, Custom Wholesale Flat Lifting Slings and made to order slings available for the rail, mining, energy, wind, transportation, aerospace, manufacturing, crane and rigging industries. Purchase them at budget-friendly rates from a Shandong Sling & Strap. Our low-cost production makes us an affordable flat lifting sling supplier. Every buyer in different industries wishes to purchase flat slings at low prices. In order to do that, you can choose us as your prime supplier. All the production companies of various products need wholesale flat slings. We are a top supplier that can manufacture in bulk and supply at cheap rates.

Our Lifting Slings Can Carry Giant Objects with Flat Grip

We usually use polyester and nylon in the production of flat slings. You can ask for other materials also. Our every sling can carry huge weights without any chance of risk. Industrial consumers can lift various objects with them. They can purchase them from us as we are a flat lifting sling suppplier. Our slings have high loading capacity and breaking strength to deal with industrial tasks. We ensure that there will be no accidents because we conduct multiple tests on them before finalizing them.

High Weight Lifting Limits with Custom Production 

Industries of shipping, manufacturing, logistics, and construction have dire need of flat slings. They need a flat lifting sling manufacturer like us for custom production. We provide customization according to the needs of buyers in different industries. It includes weight-lifting limits, which we denote with different colors like yellow, red, purple, etc. Just like it, you can find width ranges as well as single and multiple-ply options. 

Who Would Like to Choose Shandong Sling & Strap?

Almost every industry’s supply chain activities depend upon Shandong Sling & Strap Co., Ltd. (3S). We are a trusted flat lifting sling supplier with years of experience in the industry. We conduct multiple tension tests on each sling. This makes our quality inspection very sharp and precise because human and material safety is connected to the slings’ performance. To make it concrete, we comply with various standards via global certifications.