Your Chosen Soft Lifting Sling Wholesale Supplier

Shandong Sling & Strap Co Ltd is one of the soft lifting sling manufacturing experts in the industry. Our company uses the experiences and abilities of its trained workers and specialist team to operate upgraded manufacturing technologies and machines to produce high-quality lifting slings. We believe that quality is needed for successfully running our business. Thus, our international quality compliance team sets up high quality standards and meets them by examining the quality of our lifting slings. Quality evaluators from worldwide help this quality compliance team in the quality examination procedure. We charge the lowest price for our lifting slings.

Benefits of Our Lifting Slings for Your Wholesale and Retail Business

As one of the reputable soft lifting sling makers, we have equipped our endless lifting slings with the ability to permit their users to rotate load and hook contact points of these slings. Thus these slings have a very long service life. We are a lifting sling maker who produces endless lifting slings in different sizes. Thus, you can buy these slings in bulk according to the size demands and requirements of your customers. As a reputed lifting sling wholesale manufacturer, we produce our premium endless lifting slings in different colours indicating their maximum capacity to lift weights. Therefore, you can bulk purchase these slings according to the weight lifting demands of your customers. We are a reputable sling maker who manufactures lightweight endless slings. Thus, you can simply deliver these slings to your customers without charging high delivery charges from them. As one of the reputed sling manufacturers, we produce sturdy lifting slings. Thus, your customers will not break them while they are using them. Our endless lifting slings are simple to use. Thus, your customers will face no problems in using them.

Our Efforts to Provide You the Best Service

As one of the premium sling makers, we are implementing our policy to improve our slings by equipping them with high-tech features to maximize the weights lifted by them in the easiest manner. These efforts have satisfied our target market and its satisfaction has helped us increase our market share and sales volume. We are a well-known lifting sling maker who keep its delivery team and manufacturing team ready to fulfil our delivery deadlines. Thus our delivery team will get our endless slings supplied to you through our shipping contractor.