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Starting from 1994, when we initiated the production of polyester webbing, SHANDONG SLING & STRAP CO., LTD (3S) has evolved into a pioneering force within China's industrial landscape, specifically renowned for expertly crafting lifting slings, ratchet tie-down straps, and tow straps. Our specialization lies in the meticulous fabrication of webbing materials for various applications, including web slings, ratchet straps, round slings, tie-down straps, tow straps, bolt straps, and cargo nets.

We've established an expansive, contemporary workshop spanning 27,000 square meters on our acquired property. Within this facility, we've allocated 7,000 square meters for weaving, 2,000 square meters for dyeing, and 8,000 square meters for sewing. Our comprehensive setup encompasses nearly 80 shuttleless loom machines, over ten robust continuous dyeing machines, and 200 sewing machines. The outcome of this operation is a monthly production exceeding 1,000 tons of premium-grade webbing materials and their associated finished products.

Every item within our product range conforms rigorously to the exacting quality standards, such as CE and GS certifications from TUV, adherence to IS09001 quality management system protocols as stipulated by SGS, and tailored specifications demanded by our valued clientele. Notably, all our webbing slings, ratchet straps, and more exhibit a breaking strength that surpasses standard requirements by 3%, coupled with an elongation rate limited to less than 7%. Furthermore, each product undergoes stringent tension tests and meticulous quality inspections on multiple occasions before being cleared for shipment.


Green, energy saving, environmental protection is our responsibility. Our main energy sources are solar and natural gas.


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